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Creekside Manor

The Creekside Manor Project, located in Harmony and Jackson Township, PA consisted of pad preparation for the Murphy Tractor Site and a pad for the Creekside Manor site. The Murphy site consisted of 313,100 cy of excavation and 70,000 cy of embankment with the excess material being placed on the Creekside pad as embankment. We also installed a sediment basin on each site.

  • ClientJTC1422 Associates, LP
  • LocationJackson Township, PA
  • Value$3,179,000
  • Highlights
    • Clear & Grub 12 ac
    • Erosion Control Measures for 34 ac
    • 331,900 cy Bulk Earthwork
    • 80,700 cy Rock Blasting
    • 2 Sediment Basins

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